7 reasons why having sex during pregnancy is great

When you’re pregnant, sex is a kind of promotion to the next level. A hormonal hurricane invades your body and you feel like having non-stop sex.

Suddenly, due to your new status as a pregnant woman, you consider yourself a sort of Mother-Nature and you begin frigging around the house and in front of the mirror, enjoying your new shapes and plumpness

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Unfortunately, studies show that a great deal of men are utterly terrified at the idea of having sex with a mother-to-be, the most common fear being that the intercourse will harm the baby. Well, to set their hearts at rest, sex is perfectly safe during most pregnancies. Moreover, it has been proved salutary. By releasing oxytocin and endorphins, it reduces the stress of the pregnant woman, and the sperm can help kick-start the labour in an overdue pregnancy. Below I drew up a list meant to encourage sex during pregnancy:

1. Having sex with a pregnant woman is in itself a perversion that you can experience only for a limited period of time (except if you are a sort of depraved guy who wants to have sex only with pregnant women, in which case we can enrol you in some obscure fetish sect, or rather recommend you a list of psychotherapists that you should visit as soon as possible).

2. Pregnant women’s breast are getting bigger, and in the last months of pregnancy they start leaking colostrums (a kind of milk before becoming the proper milk). Apart from the classic vaginal squirts you’ll have a sort of female ejaculation from the tits. And obviously: the more ejaculations, the more fun to change more often the bed sheets, but who cares?

3. Yeap… Get the most out of it now! After birth, for a while sex will be in the back of your mind. Changing diapers is proved to be a rather certain death of the passion.

4. Even if your belly prevents you to have sex in some positions, the most common, I would say, this is a good opportunity to become creative. Admit it, your dirty mind is already outlining positions unseen even in the most fantastic erotic movies…

5. During pregnancy the clitoris is actually getting swollen, so we can only cheer this miraculous transformation and wish you as many, as intense and as long orgasms as possible!

6. Finally, you can have absolutely unprotected sex. Your partner can ejaculate in your vagina freely and without restraint to the right, to the side, up, deep or at the surface. There’s no risk to get pregnant. It’s like serving for about 25 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted for murder – when you get out, you lay hands on your rival and you have the pleasure to kill him for real (ok, I admit, the example is out of place and wrong (not even ne bis in idem is no longer what it used to be), because we were talking about not giving life, not taking a life, which probably is a completely different thing, but nowadays who masters this type of overtones?).

7. Sex helps you to deliver the baby! It’s true. As the story goes, the sperm contains hormones identical to those released during birth. The morning you consider propitious to give birth, the first thing to do is to compel your freshly woken up partner to honour you in one of the positions imagined at point 4. There are good chances that you’ll give birth that very day. Yes! Sex is cooler than the much overrated hazard of the horoscope.

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