Hunting for deflowering stories – part I –

We are the only species on the planet who places great value on deflowering and puts in on a pedestal. We are also the only species that has sex not necessarily to procreate, but for the mere pleasure of copulating. Because it’s of such great significance, the experience is remembered by everybody (except if you were drunk as fuck in that particular moment, like me). I asked a few people about their first sexual experience. Here is what they told me:

Alexandra, 26 years old, “Loosing my virginity with onlookers”

As a teen I didn’t trouble myself much about the deflowering. I knew it was going to happen, I was sexual enough for that, but also shy and cautious enough so it wouldn’t happen too early. I didn’t had in my mind the romantic stories with candles and rose petals, because I found them awkward and, besides, it was hand in glove with my inability of falling in love and having a relationship. For one reason or another, in-love teens were scaring me.

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One evening I went at a high school mate’s place. Without the purpose to have sex, although the guy was very cool. I went because we were kind of friends and it was something I used to do with friends. I mean I used to pay them a visit, drink a beer or smoke some weed and then go back home. At this guy’s place there were two somewhat retard high school mates, playing on the computer. We had a few drinks and I don’t know how and why I got a blackout. Probably because I was very tired. I remember very dimly jumping on this colleague and kissing him, and then my next memory was me in his parent’s bedroom, with the guy on top, penetrating me. Strange enough, I felt no pain, or maybe I was just too numb with alcohol.

I was not quite able to talk, but I realized quickly that the other two assholes had slipped in the room and were looking at us with a grin.

But I had the strange feeling I was about to pee myself. Knowing I was a virgin, the guy whispered in my ear: “Does it hurt you?”. I was not quite able to speak, but I realized quickly that the two assholes had slipped in the room and were looking at us with a grin. It was very difficult to babble something, but eventually this guy got it too and chucked them out of the door. To make things all the more queer, I think I fell asleep at some point, and when I woke up the morning after I left quite ashamed. We never spoke again after that.

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Maria, 27 years old, “The unleashing”

I was a little over 14 years old when I had my first sexual experience. I call it my first experience, but in fact it was an unleashing of everything I had accumulated up to that moment, namely: practicing cunnilingus on my desk mate. Lots of kisses and lots of petting with girls and boys. Fingering. As a special treat, the funniest situation, that now shows me the meaning of willpower, my attempt to deflower myself with a peeled-off cucumber in the shower. I remember now the words of a beaten “candidate”: “That’s some hymen you have, girl!”

I hope that chaste people and those who associate habitude with normality won’t judge me in a hurry, but instead they’ll smile without showing their teeth and travel back in time to remember the teenager life, with boiling hormones and more or less funny blunders.

“It was wonderful! We had sex, then we made love, then we had sex again”.

Now let’s get back to my story. It was cold outside, we had a bottle of red wine that Alex was trying to open, we were extremely thrilled! We knew what was going to happen, we had it planned together. The “pigeons dance” took us six months. As a teenager, I was trying real hard to go against the tide, to stop myself wishing something that was not going to happen, to not want love, but this is what I got in the end. I was glad. I’m still glad. It was wonderful! We had sex, then we made love, then we had sex again and I can’t believe that I lived ever since without having that experience again, how wonderful it was to be with a Man, to be simple, to be intense, to be intimate and honest.

Now I’m sour and even if I screw with a guy, I know I’ll need a lot of time to became intimate with him, that I’ll be put through the “let’s see whether you’re perfect or not” graph and list! Nevertheless, I’m quite good at cock sucking; maybe he’ll take me for a round of relationship that will last one or two years. Anyway…

Let’s get back… after the deflowering miracle I asked: “That was all?! So simple?”
Then I went to the toilet, where I noticed that the urine jet was stronger than before. He was roaring with laughter and every time we speak on the phone we make fun of this. It was beautiful, what else could I say…

Ana, 40 years old, “Revenge sweet revenge”

“the day after, I went to my best male friend and had sex with him, and subsequently I informed my so-called lover about it”

The thing is I had a sort of lover, although I didn’t see him necessarily as that. Because in my mind a lover was the man you hold hands and have sex with. We were just holding hands and kissing. I told him straight that I was ready and wanted to have sex and I think he was kind of scared both by my willpower and by the fact he was older than me and didn’t want to shoulder this responsibility.

As a consequence, the day after I went to my best male friend and had sex with him, and subsequently I informed my “lover” about it. The best part was when, 25 years later, he told me that the incident still sticks in his craw.

* the names of the characters have been changed for confidentiality purposes

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