Personal story about dick-sucking

Behind the apartment blocks                                                                                                        Before penetrative sex, I had oral sex. One boy, my one-day lover, took me by the hand and made me suck his cock behind the apartment block where he lived. I hesitated a little, then I obeyed. Seemingly I performed well, because the man was ecstatic and he came in less than 3 minutes. Or maybe it was premature ejaculation.

photo source by Haleyface

Anyhow, that moment I realized I am in control. His cock is in my hands. Or anyway, in my mouth. Nevertheless, after this episode I never spoke again with my one day lover. At that time I felt slightly unprepared and cornered. The action in itself did not elicit anything special in me. I couldn’t say neither that I liked it or disliked it.

I think that the whole situation actually made me perceive the despair of the teen wanting to imitate what he’d seen in porn movies. It was not a natural sexuality, but rather one of the copy-paste type. And experience taught me that good sex has nothing to do with porn movie scenes.

The football player
The next memorable episode occurred a year later, when I got myself a football player lover. Yes, it was exactly as it sounds. We were completely mismatched, had no common topics to discuss about, but he was taking me in his luxurious car and we had sex in it. It was not the best sex, it was as banal as our conversations.

In fact it grew dull and repetitive. He would park the car somewhere (usually on Academiei Avenue) and I would give him oral sex. Here and there I asked him to be careful in order not to be seen by someone. We once had vaginal sex and it hurt me like hell, because his dick was too thick.

At one point I decided to stop answering his phone calls. Not necessarily because of his thick dick. I simply had no reason at all for not wanting to see him anymore, other than that which implied offending his IQ, so avoiding him was the best solution. While he was a good boy and seemed to have the best intentions, I felt I was getting nothing when it came to sex. Sex is about giving and taking. About perversion and passion. There was nothing here.

My soul mate

With my lover there’s a different story. Sex is phenomenal and oral sex suddenly reached a level that others only can dream about: I sucked his dick thousands of times, in every position, I discovered deep throat.

I discovered the grateful gaze after such a sexual activity. I realized I liked to swallow. I rephrase: I swallow almost every time. I even searched “sperm benefits” on Google. I know that there are two types of women: those who swallow and those who don’t. I find swallowing to be damn sexy. Well, at times I also like him to cum on my face. I also like to lubricate his manhood by spitting on it. It’s both depraved and practical. A cock does not lubricate by itself. And to make your heart melt all over, here below you’ll find an extract from a text my partner wrote about our oral sex:

“She was relaxed. Self-confident. She knew she was good at it. Her eyes were half-open, covered by the long lashes, and her plump lips were moving lustfully and slowly. The man who knows to appreciate a good wine will not toss off his glass. He smells it, swirling it with wide circles in his glass, sipping it with relish and rolling it over all his taste buds before swallowing it. She was delighted by the idea of doing something depraved. So she wanted to do everything more depraved, more creative.

The cock could not possibly go into her mouth more than half length. But she was playing with each move, inserting it deeper. Every millimeter she won was a victory. It couldn’t go any deeper, it was physically impossible, and yet the cock was melting even more in her mouth with each move. Was she going to take it in to the root? Of course, nobody could take away this pleasure from her.”

A small conclusion about cock-sucking nowadays: sometimes it comes as a reward, other times as a bonus, but now and again it’s exactly that element of surprise which gives rise to admiration in your partner’s eyes. I think the most powerful orgasms I gave to men were through oral sex. This text is not a manifesto stating that you should do some dick-sucking. And if you are man, you should not pressure your partner. This thing comes naturally and it’s always an option. The way we have sex is our own option and reality. A reality which does not necessarily identify with that of the others.

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