Six personal queer fantasies

I liked girls since I was little. In a more profound way, or better said, in a way that my mother would have never thought, I was always fascinated by their structure, their lips, their joints. On the other hand, I equally like boys, and that makes me officially a bisexual.

Between you and me and the bedpost, I prefer the term queer, because my fantasies have always been queer too.

Since I am the dreamer type and I like very much to create scenarios, I thought about six queer fantasies and here is the result:

1. The first fantasy
It was not when puberty was assaulting us and when, under the influence of all kind of strange moods, I wanted for the first time to masturbate with a pencil.

It was not when I was discovering the sensual and erotic Emmanuelle or the TV 1000 channel and, with the friends I had back then, stayed up till 2 AM to watch telecasting where cunts and cocks were at home.

It was not when I found my aunt’s dildo, my uncle’s pornographic magazines and the few videotapes bought in Russia in the early ’90s, in a suitcase with a numeric lock, which my child mind opened as if secrets are only an adults’ invention.

I had my first fantasy when I was around seven, seven and a half years old. I was at the countryside, at Biertan, and my six years old cousin, Maria, had a delicate and smooth skin. My first fantasy was queer and, although more than 20 years have passed since then, I remember it perfectly well. I wanted to feel her child-like skin on my child-like skin and, with this pleasant sensation in my mind, I wanted to make a movie.

My first erotic fantasy was both queer and filmic. I don’t remember what season it was, most probably it was quite warm, and I was planning the perfect frame with me and Maria in the barn. My grandma used to amass corn grains there and our fine bodies fell perfectly into place. I never intended to reenact that frame, perfectly graved in my mind after so much time, with us, two young girls, caressing each other among the corn grains, but I know it for sure that Nabokov would have been jealous.

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2. The magic shoe and the golden apples

We are at a fancy dinner. In front of me, the friend of some friends speaks a lot with all the guests at the table. But I feel that with me she’s talking even more. I look at her, she’s very beautiful, has small, apple-like breasts and a semitransparent shirt with gold thread. I have a serious face, but I imagine that one can read in my eyes the fact that I find her very sexy. I smile slightly timid because this intense feeling of being unmasked and I keep looking at her. A few minutes later I feel the tip of her patent leather shoes pressing my tights in my pussy. I gulp and I continue to look at her.

3. Scheduled for climax
I think I need a scaling. I make a schedule. The lady doctor has green eyes and subtle lips. Her outfit stresses her waist and her breasts could touch my arm if the overall’s fiber wouldn’t separate us. I look into her eyes and I have the impression she is looking at me too. When the medical equipment’s buzz ceases, I keep her close to me and kiss the top of her tits. She likes it.

4. Oh, how I wish you were queer                                                                                                     I I went to a queer party. For a few years now they can be found in our city too. I arrive there and a tall babe smiles to me. She looks more masculine and wears drag. Her hair is swept back and she is insistently looking at me. I go to the bathroom and at some point she comes too. When my turn comes, she waves at me that she would like us to go in together. I have the shivers. We both enter into the bathroom and her cold hand touches my pubis. Then it merges with my body’s heat. I have an orgasm and we say nothing to each other.

photo source

5. My own secret garden                                                                                                                 I’m reading My Secret Garden and I’m very horny. I get to the “To be completely seduced by a dominant woman” chapter and I read “I can even imagine that my finger is her tongue”. This image strikes me right in the chest and from there, down to the clit. I caress myself with ever faster moves, I’m very wet and I cum in less than twenty seconds.

6. This is what I cum forillustration by Fabian Ciraolo 

I have a recent woman friend. She’s gay, but I don’t think she likes me. She is intriguing me. I want to have my first lesbian experience and I create all kind of stories. One day she invites me at her place, we drink lemonade, we smoke a joint and watch videos with Rihanna on Vimeo. We are sitting very close one to another and I would like to touch her. I’m a little afraid. At the same time I’m extremely stirred up. I would like her to take the initiative, to kiss me, to touch me, to take off my clothes. On This is What You Came For she lightly bites my back, on the shoulder blade, and I melt.

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