The Spare Boy

Friends with benefits. NSA (no strings attached). Fun. It’s always good to have a fuck-buddy, a guy with whom you have sexual chemistry without complicating the things.s

I remember a cool Brazilian, let’s call him Lucas. The man was quite ugly, short, but we communicated very well, after sex we used to smoke a cigarette or two, he was telling me about his school, I was telling him about my job, we laughed freely, and when I was with him I had absolutely no complex about my body.

The sex was great, the man was very well equipped, but above all he was nuts about performing rimming, something that turned me on at the very most. I think half of the sexual intercourses saw his face buried between my buttocks. When we were in the mood, we used to text each other and, if we had time, we would meet. Usually the same day, to avoid wasting time with appointments. Now and again our schedules didn’t allow it, and then we would leave it for another time, no hard feelings.

Photo source credits to Franco Follini 

Another cool guy who was my fuck-budy was Daniel. Equally simple, without too many sentimentalities, the sex is very good, the man is well-endower, with a great passion for oral sex, but also for finishing inside me. Wearing a condom, obviously. Quite an activist guy, very attentive to sexual health, well informed.

I remember that once we even chipped in to pay for a condom box. Another time he shown me his Fleshlight, a fake anus where you plunge your cock. An interesting feeling. It’s kind of pervy to jack it off while holding a big appliance in your hand, too robotized for my taste. He liked to be verbal, to slap me, to have me open my mouth and spit in it. Kisses were passionate, without any pressure. Greetings at the club when we saw each other, knowing smiles, but nothing more.

A few rules for a good fuck-buddy:
• Don’t fucking fall in love. Begin from the premise that the two of you are not going to have a relationship. Don’t try to transform everything in a relationship.
• Don’t text too much. Speak seldom, but keep in touch.
• No jealousy. Don’t throw things back in your buddy’s face and nothing will be thrown back in your face. Don’t create useless connections.
• Be natural, free. If you found someone with whom you have chemistry, why not express freely, the both of you?
• Be open. Be as open as possible to your partner’s wishes and explore yours.
• No qualms of conscience. Why having regrets for such a pleasurable thing?
• Vary the offer. Do not limit yourself to one fuck-buddy. The more, the better!

***About two months ago I received a proposal to write a gay sex chronicle. I long hesitated, I kept writing and rewriting, I changed topics, terms, and even now I don’t know whether I’m moving in a right direction. The fact is that such a chronicle is necessary. As gay men, we are confronted with all sorts of situations, ideas, problems. Sometimes we feel that a certain problem is only our problem, just to find out lately that it’s not just ours, being quite common actually. I recently found out, for instance, that there are enough gay people who love watersports. No, you are not alone. If you know what I’m talking about, a quick google will solve the problem. I’m not here to educate by all means, but rather to relate some experiences.

I want to write a chronicle based on a positive mindset about sex. Sex is good, sex is healthy, sex brings us together, closer, brings us different feelings, it’s a socializing method.

We were brought up constantly hearing that we should be ashamed because we masturbate, look for boys, watch porn movies. Fuck all that! All these are manifestations of our sexuality, we must have the courage to explore them, to reach an emotional balance that will define, in a certain way, the homosexual experience. It’s a long way until we’ll speak more honestly, more openly, but it’s good to do this through more channels.

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