The world of Saga Xux – a nude photography model

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The world of Saga Xux – a nude photography model

The world of Saga Xux – a nude photography model

The world of Saga Xux – a nude photography model

The world of Saga Xux – a nude photography model

The world of Saga Xux – a nude photography model

The world of Saga Xux – a nude photography model

The world of Saga Xux – a nude photography model

If you have a Facebook account and you are a bit passionate about nude photography, then you must have heard of Saga Xux (see her page here). What especially caught our eye was her relaxed and unselfconscious posing style; so we met, I took her a few photos and ask her a few questions. The greatest challenge was to worm some secrets out of her, because she’s a truly pro that doesn’t want to give away her mysteries.

Sexpectation: why Saga Xux?

Saga Xux: “Saga” was the bassist of a Japanese band I used to listen in school. Also, this nickname stuck with me since back then. Xux doesn’t mean anything, it was sheer inspiration when I created my first Facebook account. I thought the combination sounded good and that was it.

Sexpectation: when you take this kind of photos, people label you as a sexual person or as a person emanating a strong sexuality. How do you put up with this?

Saga Xux: I assumed the label, although sometimes it’s more difficult when it comes to the “sexual person” part – I’m a human being like anybody else. Otherwise I’m glad when I visually delight others and I can convey them a feeling, sometimes without wanting to.

Sexpectation: there is a fine line between nude photography and erotic photography. How do you manage to confine yourself to nude?

Saga Xux: This is what I had in mind from the beginning and I promised myself that I would stick with the nude photography line. I think anybody can make erotic photos. A chick photographing herself alone in the bathroom has good chances to take an “erotic” pic. In nude photography there is a concept, a set-up, nothing is explicit and everything sums up to art and human body.

Sexpectation: tell me honestly, do you have in your computer photos from shootings with a more prominent sexual content?

Saga Xux: cross my boob and hope to die, I don’t have! I don’t keep photos from shootings with a more prominent sexual content hidden somewhere in my computer or anywhere else.

Sexpectation: what was the most embarrassing moment you ever found yourself in at a photo shooting?

Saga Xux: I haven’t had any embarrassing moments at the shootings because I choose carefully who I work with. Instead I had photo shootings during which I overcame some of my fears, I improvised big time – all of them are somehow positive.

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Sexpectation: Could you tell me what happened at such photo shootings?

Saga Xux: Four years ago I was going to have a shooting and the photographer asked me if I was ok with the idea of “me and a snake nicely wrapped around me” – that moment I kind of burst out laughing (although it was not my laugh) because I’m afraid of and disgusted by snakes. On the assumption that you can beat your fear only by doing the things you are afraid to do, I said a big “YES! I want a snake at the shooting. It will be extremely interesting!”. And despite the fact it was a strange and new sensation, and I was literally afraid of it. But somehow I managed to stop my fear to make its way into the pictures and indeed they came out great. I still look at them from time to time, cause I like them very much. I remember with pleasure that experience.

“It could have been easier to decline, but I took it as a test and it proved to be a positive experience.”

I had another fear that followed me since my early years and I checked it off in another photo shooting: the fear of heights. We went up on the roof of a well known hotel in Bucharest, just me and the photographer. The way up there was thrilling, and my heart started to beat quickly beforehand. I’ve already imagined the kind of background frames we were going to have up there and this thought made me want badly to be up to the mark. A heinous wind was blowing, but the simple fact I was watching from above all the people swarming like ants on the streets below urged me to stay and pose there as much as possible.

“Among the top messages rank the offers to star in porn movies”

Sexpectation: How often do you receive messages containing sexual innuendos from “admirers”? Which were the most dubious?

Saga Xux: I used to receive lots of them and I still do, more often than not, but at least now they are more stylish, meaning they phrase things prettier, to leave a good impression. Anyway, I can smell innuendos miles away and I understand immediately what a message is about. Actually I received some very dubious messages describing down to the last detail the things they were dreaming to do with, on top of, under or next to me. Among the top messages rank the offers to star in porn movies. Lots of foreigners send me messages telling me that I would fit gloriously in them. That I would do a great job. I appreciate this kind of offers, but they also piss me off. I want to make art, not porn movies. Just because I feel comfortable being naked in front of the camera it doesn’t mean I want to become a porn actress. Do you know what I mean? Nonetheless, time and again I receive positive messages, compliments. People appreciate my work, and at present some open-minded persons write to me that they’ve been following my evolution and that they like what they see.

Sexpectation: do you think men feel intimidated around you?

Saga Xux: frankly, I didn’t really believe it. People around me kept telling me this, and not long afterwards I noticed myself that YES, males get intimidated.

Sexpectation: what about jealous lovers?

Saga Xux: I also had some jealous lovers.


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